Making of Goddess Aphrodite Bead Necklace

Last weekend I have created a necklace design that will compliment the ever popular Aphrodite Pendant. I wanted to work with green agate beads of several sizes ranging from 3mm to 10mm. At the final stages of the process, the clasp of the necklace is added with the help of Sterling silver cones. The necklace design turned out great and along the way I recorded my progress on a camera as a video and I think that turned out really awesome.

I have been posting YouTube videos on my channel for some time now. These videos show the handmade jewelry I have created in great detail. My designs are unique in many ways for instance the wild boar tusk necklace on this video has a really unique clasp design. If it was not for a video, I do not think a lot of people may admire the surprising design element. A picture tells a thousand words, and in a video there are countless pictures. So having realized the clarity of a design concept is best shown in a video, I have decided to shoot some more.

My new video shows beading stages of the Aphrodite Necklace. Since the making of the necklace took a bit of time, I have decided to speed up the video quite a bit and edit out some of the parts. The setup was relatively easy. I have used two table lamps and bounced the light of a white wall on my studio. The only tricky part was to setup my camera on a tripod so that it was perfectly vertical. Once that was done I have shot several video clips and combined them in Lightworks. This pro-level video editing software is free to use and it is very intuitive and powerful.

Just in case you are curious to where the Aphrodite Pendant comes from here is its story:

Aphrodite Pendant is Inspired by an ancient Greek ring, which had an ivory carving as its setting, The original artifact was discovered in Knidos, which is a ancient Carian city located in modern day Turkey. The Aphrodite Pendant is masterfully crafted to praise beauty, love and desire.

Here are some photos of the Aphrodite Necklace for you to enjoy.

If you like these videos let me know. In the future I would like to include more videos of my handmade creations where I work directly with metals, soldering them and shaping them as necessary.

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