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What is artisan jewelry?


In a world of mass produced goods true artisanship is becoming a thing of rarety. As times change many things including jewelry styles transform and modernize. But quite often there comes periods when people demand unique one of kind pieces of art. Fortunately, we believe that right now is one of those special periods. Appreciation for artisan jewelry seems to be stronger than ever. As a consequence artisan jewelry term has become too commonplace. However, it is really not difficult to recognize a true artisan creation. When a true artisan creates a piece there is usually a genuine story and lot of inspiration that goes with it. Furthermore a lot of hard work and mastery of age old artisanal techniques are involved. Years of experience, intense training and unmatched skill reflects upon the final creation and a spiritual connection is made. As the bearer of artisan jewelry, you become a part of this special connection. As Artisan's Dominion we would like you to love your jewelry and be inspired by it. If you adore it, proudly wear it, enjoy its story, and admire the rare talent and countless hours that went into its creation, then what you have is a true artisan jewelry. 


How are these jewelry pieces made?


Each jewelry creation is designed and completely handmade using exceptional artisan skills. Finding an inspiration and a story initiates the design process when sketches and mock-ups are made. Then age old techniques such as wax carving, forging, granulation, hammering and stamping are used on Sterling silver and gold plated brass accents. Gemstones are meticulously hand cut and polished and beads are carefully hand drilled. From design stage to final creation, special care is dedicated by skillful hands so the piece stays true to its inspiration and story and exceptional quality is maintained.


Is each piece really unique?


Yes, these are all one of a kind handmade artisan creations exclusive to Artisan's Dominion.  Even for items that are made in multiples as limited edition designs you will always notice variations. And in fact most times, each creation is truly unique due to presence of specialty accents such as antique ceramic pieces and hand carved gemstone figures.


What inspires these designs?


Anything and everything that is whimsical, spiritual, ethnic, interesting and cheers you up inspires our designs. We incorporate our years of experience and Mediterranean heritage into each jewelry piece we handmake. Typically all our designs are modern interpretations of ancient artifacts of Roman, Greek, Egyption and near East origin, good luck charms and spiritual symbols that are rebuild true to the art of traditional jewelry making.


What kind of materials are used in your jewelry?


Designs that we showcase here at Artisan’s Dominion are manufactured strictly from solid Sterling Silver accents and genuine hand-cut gemstones. Gold plated brass accents and jewelry grade copper are also typical in many collections. Use of organic materials such as genuine wild boar tusks, corals (limited use of only the unthreatened species) and leather are commonplace. Real glass enamel is also applied to some of our favorite collection items to give them a distinctive antiquated look. 


Is custom orders possible?


Usually yes. Please email us your wish and we will get back to you in a few business days. The most easily done customization is setting a silver earring or a necklace with a gemstone of your liking. However, please note that the availability of silver accents and gemstones of your liking may increase the lead time for your custom jewelry.


I really liked one your pieces however it was sold. Can I make a special order?


Each piece of jewelry we carry at Artisan’s Dominion is truly unique as it is completely handmade. However, please email us for any sold out item you would like to buy or order in multiple quantities and we will do our best to help out. Most times a similar creation may be handmade and even customized just for you.


What is your return/exchange policy?


As Artisan’s Dominion we would like you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you. 
You can exchange or return full-priced items with receipt within 14 days as long as it is unworn and are fit for resale. Items must arrive in the same condition as they were shipped within 14 days upon delivery. For instructions please contact us through


Can I include special instructions for gift orders?

Of course you can. Please fill up 'Add note to seller' section when you are ready to check out. Make sure you designate the desired arrival date of your gift and any other information that you think may be relevant. Also, you may email us at


How can I take care of my jewelry?


Try to keep your jewelry away from moisture, especially sea water which is quite corrosive. Before storing away your jewelry it is always a good idea to gently wipe them down with a soft cloth. This removes accidental perfume or sunscreen residues which may dull your jewelry in time. Please bear in mind that Sterling silver obtains a natural patina as it slowly tarnishes. It is a personal choice but we love that look on our artisan jewelry. However, you may clean your Sterling silver items with a gentle cleaner. Specialty designs that contain ancient ceramic, glass enamel and coral accents may require additional care since they are more fragile compared to silver.